I remember years ago Someone told me I should take. Caution when it comes to love, I did, I did. And you were strong and I was not. My illusion, my mistake I was careless, I forgot, I did. ♫

"This is my biology. It’s my decision.”

make me choose → anon asked: friends or how i met your mother

get to know me meme: [3/5] female characters
sarah manning — orphan black

Congratulations, I’m invested.

Are you sure you wanna know what this is all about?

arizona + the way she looks at callie in season 10 (so far)

Are you sure you want to know what this is all about?

make me choose » robbsbastard asked Jackson/April or Jackson/Lexie

Troian Bellisario for Seventeen Magazine

This feels  r i g h t

The Clones and Layered Clones of Season One